Saturday, August 02, 2003

VA delays news on downsizing : "Area veterans are concerned the agency will close or downsize larger VA facilities in the San Francisco Bay Area such as the Livermore VA medical center, which has in-patient facilities.
It is doubtful either the VA outpatient clinic at Travis Air Force Base or the facility at Mare Island in Vallejo would be affected." Fairfield Daily Republic

A sign of the times: Auto supply business closes down overnight Vallejo shop to remain open: "It's a sign of weak economy when businesses close overnight with almost no public warning. This is exactly what happened at Napa's Pep Boys, the auto supply and service store located in the Napa Valley Marketplace on the corner of Imola and Soscol avenues. " Napa Valley Register

Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Biggest Filipino Market place in US opens in Vallejo
Centerpiece of complex is Seafood City, a full-service supermarket with vast array of Filipino and Oriental groceries as well as American products.

Other shops set to open:

Chow King - Asian fast food
Red Ribbon - bakeshop
Max of Manila - restaurant
Valerio's - tropical bakery
DJ Bibingkahan - traditional Filipino food
Pho Hoa Phat - Vietnamese
Tatak Pilipino - books, music, arts
Coco Banana - ice cream shop
Barong and Formal - dress shop
Grace Foreign Exchange - money remittance
Atlas Cargo and Money - remittance cand argo shipping
Filipino-American Cultural and Community Info Center

Police informant testifies in Teitgen trial : "Two key witnesses testified, Teitgen's wife and Darroll Widmann, whose twisted relationship with the Teitgens led veteran Vallejo police officer Jeff Azuar to Teitgen's doorstep on the afternoon of April 12, 2000." Fairfield Daily Republic

Brutal deaths in two separate auto accidents : "Robert Veloso of Vallejo, the victim in the first accident on Interstate 780 just west of Columbus Parkway, managed to stagger to a roadside phone, calling the CHP for help, but dying before completing the call." Fairfield Daily Republic